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Covid-19 has changed the retail industry. The new normal is a multi-channel retail business. Build your multi-channel platform with ZEMPCENTER.

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Point of Sales

Get the simplest and ost complete POS system. You will love it as much as your employess!


Our Backend, which is an integral party of our Point-of-Sales system, helps you to cope with your everyday life.


You will never miss purchase again. With us, your customers have access to your products 24/7.

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Since we replaced our old POS System, wich was also a SaaS Solution, we’re more productive. ZEMPCENTER supports all our business process. It is easier to use and much more intuitive than our old system. We’re also saving over CHF 1500 per year on subscription costs!

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Use Cases

With ZEMPCENTER, you can simply launch a new branch in 5 minutes, add multiple registers, and this anywhere in the world.

ZEMPCENTER’s integrations with Shopify is as easy as a few clicks. Within 10 minutes, your products will be online available in Shopify. zempcenter allowed you to grow faster with your new online presens

We understand you!

Daily Retail Situations

You need an Experience Which Stands Out

Customers wanted attention. Customers want to feel like a king in your store. Customers appreciate it if the salesperson knows what they like and what they have already bought. The customer wants when you bring them a selection that matches their color preferences or style. ZEMPCENTER helps you with all these demands. With one click, you can see the shopping behavior of your customer, and you can serve your customer in a much more personal way.

Customers Expect a Seamless Shopping Experience

During the COVID-19 period, online shopping increased by 60% of all customers. But still, over half of all customers always shop in a local store. The big challenge for every retailer today is to build a system that offers customers a unique shopping experience, whether they buy online or in-store. With ZEMPCENTER, you can manage your online business as well as your classic retail business without additional effort in one place.

No more forgotten orders

What and how much should I order? How can I optimize my order to have the lowest delivery costs? What special order requests do I have for my customers? Where did I fall below my minimum stock level for standard products? ZEMPCENTER automatically triggers suggested orders to ensure your minimum stock level in the warehouse.

Accept any Payment

We respond to your wishes.


Get your business online!

With a few clicks to your own Online Shop.
Manage your online shop easily form your ZEMPCENTER

Point of Sales

You need a POS that fits your needs?

We have involved people in the process of development and have responded to your problems


Our Dashboard is your Crystal ball​

Our dynamic  real time Dashboard is summrizing your entie business information in ONE place


Tired of using multiple platforms?

Switch to ZEMPCENTER and connect your
current online shop to ZEMPCENTER and
manage all your sales from one place.

Mobile App

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Pricing Plans

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    Branches 1
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    Users Unlimited
  • Products 50
    Products 50
  • Register Unlimited
    Register Unlimited
  • Branches Unlimited
    Branches Unlimited
  • Users Unlimited
    Users Unlimited
  • Products Unlimited
    Products Unlimited
  • Request Quote
    Request Quote

Most recently asked questions

ZEMPCENTER has no hidden costs. We offer two Plans. ZEMPCENTER LIGHT for CHF 49 per month and ZEMPCENTER PRO for CHF 89 per month for the yearly subscription. With ZEMPCENTER LIGHT, you get unlimited users, unlimited registers, unlimited customers, unlimited warehouses, and max. 100 products. With the ZEMPCENTER PRO, you get unlimited users, unlimited registers, unlimited customers, unlimited warehouses, and endless products as well, you get free chat and email support for 12 hours a day from Monday to Saturday.

NO, ZEMPCENTER is a SaaS service. This means ZEMPCENTER is hosted in the cloud at Amazon Web Servicesin Frankfurt. The only thing you need to get access to ZEMPCENTER is a web browser on your PC, and APP for your tablet

Our philosophy is to provide the highest value to our customers. The value we provide is within our different modules, which support your entire business process. Therefore, we include all our modules in the ONE FLAT monthlyprice. Included modules are:
-Point of Sales
-Customer management
-Supplier management
-E-Commerce API

ZEMPCENTER is a very scalable solution. We do not limit our system. You can connect all your branches. You can add new branches in the settings in ZEMPCENTER. The cost for one additional branch is: ZEMPCENTER LIGHT CHF 39 per month, ZEMPCENTER PRO for CHF 89 per month These prices are if you sign up for an annual plan.

NO. ZEMPCENTER has been developed with the main focus to deliver the best user experience and simplicity. After you subscribed as a new customer, you can start immediately with entering products, customersor import them from an excel file. If you have a sophisticated environment, or you would like to engage external support to help you, you can find support Partner on our website.

YES, you can cancel your subscription up to one day before the renewal date. If you have subscribed to a monthly plan, you can cancel your subscription any month. If you have subscribed to an annual plan, you can cancel your subscription every year. For more information visit our Terms of Use

Within the settings in the application, you can manage your subscription. You can add additional branches or decommission branches thatyou do not use anymore. Based on this, the monthly subscriptioncharge will be amended and will be charged to your credit card.

ZEMPCENTER offers two webshop options: In our APP Store, we offer a plugin for Shopify and one plugin for WordPress WooCommerce. You simply need to fill in the address and login info of your webshop, and ZEMPCENTER will take over your webshop. In ZEMPCENTER, you define which products you want to sell online. All you customer will be synched with the webshop and you manage weborders and delivery from ZEMPCENTER

YES, ZEMPCENTER provides the plugin in our APP Storeto connect MailChimp to the ZEMPCENTER customer Management module

YES, ZEMPCENTER has been developed by retail experts, and we tried to provide all functions you need to run your business. If you identified a missing function, we are very grateful for any input. We have launched a program called CRFT. The Customer Feature Request Tool (CFRT) is how ZEMPCENTER keeps our POS system ahead of the curve. All of our customers can share their ideas on upgrades and improvements. We will take them straight to our development team!

The ZEMPCENTER LIGHT is for small shops or coffee shops that do not need more than 100 different products. ZEMPCENTER PRO offers unlimited products. All other functions and modules are the same.

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